3d Cone Beam

High Tech Scanning Technology

Accurate Implants and Impressive results

Our Galileo 3D CBCT imaging system allows our doctors to see a detailed, 3D view of our patients’ tooth and head/neck bone structure. Because of this accurate imaging we are able to thoroughly examine the patient’s sinuses, TMJ, airway, bone around the teeth, existing root canals and implants, and facial bone structures. This info can be used to help diagnose infections, masses, sleep apnea, TMD, and other pathology of the head and neck.  

We also use this technology to create customized guides that will fit perfectly into place for each patient’s implant site. By creating such accurate guides we are able to precisely place an implant in as little as 15 minutes. Because the procedure is so conservative and efficient, healing and recovery is generally much quicker and less painful than other methods of implant placement.

Staying Advanced

Our CBCT machine is used for many patients in various conditions and treatment plans. Feel free to ask us about this technology at your next appointment.

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