Extractions and Bone Grafts

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Removal and Rebuilding

Our goal is to always maintain and save the natural dentition of our patients.  Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth is no longer salvageable and needs to be extracted for the overall health of the oral environment.  Oftentimes, a tooth needs to be extracted due to impaction, large decay, fracture, failed root canals, and resorption.  At Olympia Advanced Dentistry, we are able to do most single tooth extractions.  For impacted third molars and more difficult extractions, we refer patients to one of our incredible oral surgeons in the Olympia area.  

The extraction process leaves a socket, or hole once the tooth is removed.  After an extraction, it is very common for the bone to dissolve or dissipate since it no longer serves the purpose of holding the tooth in place.  When the bone dissolves, it can leave an uneven ridge or space where adjacent teeth can start to shift, causing issues with the bite and alignment of the teeth.  Bone grafts, or bone preservation, after an extraction can assist in more predictable bone healing and reconstruction, preventing many of the issues that come along with a tooth being extracted.  Bone grafting after an extraction can also prevent dry socket and is an integral part in creating a good site for a future implant, bridge or denture.  Socket preservation entails putting a bone graft into the space where the tooth was.  The graft can be sourced from synthetic materials or human/animal bone.  After placing the graft in the socket, the dentist will seal it with a collagen membrane and sutures and allow it to heal properly for future treatment of the area.

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