One Appointment Crowns

Saving time and Resources

Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

Thanks to our iTero 3D scanning and Glidewell milling technology, in many cases, we are able to create and cement a dental crown in just one appointment. This technology not only saves our patients time, but also makes it so that a patient no longer needs to wear a temporary crown for weeks before they get their final crown.  The final crown is designed and cemented at the first appointment. 

Disclaimer:  There are still cases that may require a lab crown and temporization of the tooth.  This is usually dependent on what crown material is needed for the case, whether a single crown or multiple crowns are being done at once, and whether a crown is in the “cosmetic” zone or not.   

Staying Advanced

We greatly value our patients’ time and want them to be able to return to their lives with minimal dental visits. It is because of this respect that we aim to create as many crowns in-office as possible.

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